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Lake Como Comic Art Festival


The Lake Como Comic Art Festival is a unique and curated event, crafted by the organizers of the Big Wow Comic Fest in California and the Paris Comic Expo. This festival is dedicated to showcasing the world's top comic book artists.

Unlike typical conventions, LCCAF steers clear of media celebrities, cosplay events, and unrelated commercial vendors. These elements are great in other settings, but here, our focus is solely on the art of comics.We've noticed that many conventions have become overwhelmingly large, hindering meaningful interactions between fans and creators.

In response, LCCAF offers a different experience. By limiting our attendees to just 1000, we're creating a more intimate atmosphere where fans can genuinely engage with their favorite artists.Set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Como, this festival offers a unique opportunity. It's a place where esteemed comic artists and enthusiastic fans can come together in a more personal setting.

If you're looking for an event that prioritizes quality interactions and the art of comics, the Lake Como Comic Art Festival is the perfect destination.


Arnaud Lapeyre

Arnaud Lapeyre (often referred to as Arno to save milliseconds in every written message) shifted his focus to managing pull lists instead of pursuing his urban sociology studies when Peter Parker discovered his clone was still alive. Since then, alongside his partners Claude and Anne, he transformed Pulp's into the largest and most recognized American comic book chainstore in France, all while endeavoring to persuade as many customers as possible to read Preacher.

In 2003, Arnaud took a break from reading comics for a whole year while backpacking. During his travels, he exchanged books and listened to the same six audio tapes on bus trips around the world.

Upon his return in 2004, catching up with thousands of comics (albeit only four issues of The Ultimates) brought him great delight.

After organizing five editions of Paris Comics Expo, the most respected and renowned comic book-focused event in France, and nearly succumbing to exhaustion in 2016, Arnaud swore he would never, EVER organize another convention—until his friend called and said, "Hey Arno, I've found the perfect location. What do you think of this idea..."


Steven Morger

An avid comic art collector, Steven Morger has been producing comic books, conventions, and comic art events for over 20 years. From 2008-2015 he ran the Big Wow! Comic Convention which attracted over 10,000 attendees annually. After decades of vacationing in Lake Como, he bought an apartment there in 2016—and found inspiration to create the Lake Como Festival.

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