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David Messina


David Messina

After he graduated in artistic study he worked in animation and graphic advertising as visualizer.

Since 2005 he has been working for American market, mostly for IDW Publishing, for which he drew four Angel’s limited series (The Curse, Old Friends, Auld Lang Syne, Angel: Smile Time) and some one shots. Still for the same publisher, along with Scott Tipton, he worked on four Star Trek limited series: Star Trek-Klingons, Star Trek-Intelligence Gathering, Star Trek: Mirror Image, Star Trek: Spock plus several covers and one shot. Also he drew Star Trek: Countdown and Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, the prequels of the JJ Abrams’s movies and on both the tie-in Star Trek: Nero and Star Trek: Khan. Then, still for the same publisher he worked on True Blood All Together Now and the crossover books Infestation and Infestation II with Abnett & Lanning, and Ryall and Swyerzinsky.

For Marvel Comics, Messina drew Ultimate Spiderman, Ultimate Comics Wolverine: Legacies, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, the relaunch of Cloak & Dagger with Dennis Hopeless in the 2018 and Ironheart 2020. Alongside Joe Casey of Man Of Action he created for Image a series called The Bounce. For DCcomics he did the art on Catwoman, Action Comics, Midnighter, Wonder Woman and Red Hood The Outlaw He worked on the relaunch of ROM the paceknight for IDW along with Paolo Villanelli, Chris Ryall, Christos Cage and he drew the series event Star Trek Conflict Q, both for IDW and as illustrator for FOX channel, ESPN and the special edition of FIFA 23.

He did the script and the art of 3Keys a 5 issues creator owned series for the SYZYGY/IMAGE, published in Italy, Spain and France by Shockdom. After his work on Han Solo & Chewbacca series with Marc Guggenheim for Marvel/Lucasfilm h worked on severals books for the Star Wars: High Republic line and a 4 issue miniseries of Rocketeer with Stephen Mooney for IDW publishing