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Dike Ruan


Dike Ruan

Dike Ruan is a comic book artist, concept artist and illustrator, currently living in Italy, born in China. After studying architecture, he followed his way into the comic book industry, working as a sequential and cover artist.

Dike started his professional career working on the comic book, Thea, for Otherly Entertainment. He made his debut in the US comic book industry in 2019 for Marvel Comics, working on Spider-Verse #3. He has also worked on titles such as Spider-Man, Black Cat and currently, Shang-Chi, for Marvel Comics. Dike is currently working with many major publishers in the US comic book field, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Millarworld, BOOM! Studios, Image Comics, Vault Comics, ABLAZE Publishing and more. He also worked on the hit series for Vault Comics, Bleed Them Dry: A Ninja Vampire Tale. Dike has recently also done illustration and cover work on Witcher for CD Projekt Red and Attack on Titan for French publishing house, Third Editions. Dike is currently working on the interior and cover art for Millarworld's The Magic Order Volume 4.